Tourism Authority of Thailand concluded a successful Amazing Thailand Luxury Travel Forum

Tourism Authority of Thailand concluded a successful Amazing Thailand Luxury Travel Forum

The 2024 edition of the Amazing Thailand Luxury Travel Forum, organized by the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), has recently come to a close after running from January 13th to 20th. This remarkable event, a collaborative effort between TAT branches in New York and Toronto, showcased the best of Thailand's luxury travel offerings.

Participants of the forum

During the forum, 35 luxury advisors from North America had the chance to interact with 70 suppliers from Thailand. Together, they presented the premier destinations, upscale accommodations, and exclusive travel experiences offered by the kingdom. This collaboration between advisors and suppliers served to highlight the best that Thailand has to offer in terms of luxury travel, showcasing the diverse and enticing options available to travelers. The significant contribution of airline partners Air Canada and Bangkok Airways, as well as top luxury hotel and DMC partners in Thailand, must also be acknowledged, according to Executive Director – Americas, Middle East, Africa, Titiporn Manenate. Manenate emphasizes that without their partnership, the success of the Forum would not have been possible.

Discovering Thailand's Beauty

The Forum showcased Thailand's rich tapestry of diversity, alluring charm, and breathtaking natural wonders, painting a vivid picture of the country's captivating allure. 

  • The advisors ventured into the enchanting northern cities of Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai to discover their captivating charm and natural splendor.
  • In the Gulf of Thailand, the advisors were greeted by the pristine beaches of the sunny islands of Samui and Phangan.
  • The islands of Yao Yai, Yao Noi, and Phuket within the Andaman Sea offered a glimpse of tropical paradise with their breathtaking scenery.
  • Venturing further while engaging in day excursions expanded the horizons of advisors, guiding them not just through Bangkok but also to Ayutthaya, Thailand’s historic second capital. Amidst ancient temples and lively markets, they immersed themselves in the vibrant cultural mosaic of the area.

The program included pre-tours featuring four distinct routes, with TAT meticulously crafting itineraries to offer advisors a glimpse of the distinctiveness of each destination. Kayla Shubert, TAT Marketing Representative overseeing the Canadian market, noted that the elephant exchange stood out as a highlight for advisors exploring the northern region of Thailand. Meanwhile, full-day sea excursions allowed those visiting the southern islands to fully embrace the sunshine and delve into lesser-known areas.

Unveiling Opportunities

In Bangkok Business Connections, advisors gathered in the lively capital city for two days of vibrant B2B engagements. Amidst the dynamic urban backdrop, they explored luxury travel prospects and established valuable alliances. Steve Johnson-Stevenson, Marketing Manager with TAT's New York Office, expressed being greatly encouraged and delighted by the exceptional level of professionalism, enthusiasm, and keen interest in firsthand knowledge of Thailand.

The event underscored Thailand’s multifaceted appeal, luxurious offerings, and dedication to sustainable tourism principles. As noted by Mr. Siripakorn Cheawsamoot, the TAT Deputy Governor for International Marketing, the forum resonated with the TAT’s vision for strategic, high-value, and sustainable development. Thanks to the support of airline partners such as Air Canada and Bangkok Airways, along with esteemed luxury hotels and DMC partners in Thailand, this successful forum is poised to become an annual tradition exclusively for North American luxury travel advisors.

The Amazing Thailand Experience Forum Trade Meet occurred in Bangkok on January 17 and 19. The agenda included a market briefing for Thai suppliers, welcome remarks by Siripakorn Cheawsamoot, TAT Deputy Governor for International Marketing – Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and the Americas, the “Amazing Thailand” Product Presentation, a special session on “Sustainable Elephant Conservation,” table-top sales for North American travel advisors and Thai suppliers, and a welcome reception.

Chompu Marusachot, the newly appointed Director of the TAT New York Office, summarized the Forum, expressing pride in offering visiting travel advisors an exceptional Thailand experience. Marusachot highlighted the attention to detail, from royal floral designs to police escorts facilitating smooth navigation through Thailand’s busiest streets. The welcome dinner cruise along the Chao Phraya River in Bangkok provided a close-up view of iconic attractions such as the Temple of Dawn and the Grand Palace for visiting advisors.

Attending advisor Briana Masson from Jette Sette Travel expressed her excitement about visiting Thailand for the first time and vowed to return, both for herself and her clients. Jessie Gallagher of Remote Lands noted the value of experiencing new locations firsthand, particularly highlighting luxury experiences like the Ping River cruise and the Patara elephant conservation project. Samantha Jervis of Wells Luxury Travel in Vancouver shared her passion for promoting Thailand to clients, emphasizing the changes she observed during her second visit after 13 years and her eagerness to continue educating herself as a Virtuoso Travel Advisor and Thailand Specialist. TAT plans to make this an annual event exclusively for North American luxury travel advisors.

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